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Thread: Questions for the christians?

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    Questions for the christians?

    Do you worship your god or your bible?

    I have many heated debates about christianity, and without exception, it ends up being a battle against the bible. Word of god..... as written by man. So many scriptures quoted, its text believed above all. But would it make a difference if the bible was flawed?

    What if your god didn't literally create the world in 7 days, but through a big bang and millions of years of evolution? Would you loose your faith?

    If Adam and Eve weren't actually the first humans, would you stop believing?

    What if Mary wasn't actually a virgin? What if that was a confusion in translation? Would you shun jesus?

    If the flood was a parable?

    What if the creator wasn't a humanoid deity? Does that make him/her/it less glorious?

    Why do you cling so tight to the little details and supposed rules when all religions and even atheists just want to celebrate life?

    Each day I wake up and enjoy light, air, water, earth, my wife's boobs, and their such awesomeness. I don't know how it was created, neither do you, but I love it all the same. Christians like to say "Don't put god in a box!" I'm saying to you, don't put him in a book.

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    Life is a celebration yes. But it's easier to think all our loved ones who're gone are living in paradise and not just gone. Until you experience a spiritual moment by the Creator you just wouldn't know if God is real or not. I said as a non believer if you're real show me. All I know is He's real. He will make himself known to you if you have faith. No one can force you to believe. I pray one day you will see God and know him not at a distance but feel his love because he loves you. What if it is real? What if the Bible is real what if he's real. It wouldn't hurt to believe in him this way you'll know that if there is everlasting life forever and all eternity then you'll be living forever and wouldn't be wondering is this all there is? At least if you believe you're safe.

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    There are Christians, and there are Christians. Not all take the Bible as literal truth.

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    Yes Christians vary very much from one religion to another. I dated a woman recently who was a Lutheran and that religion really surprised me, it was very much like Catholisism. I am a Baptist and that seems to be very diffenent from Protestant, etc. At least to me all the past stuff you speak of does not really matter, I just look at the present and the future and don't really question the past, I don't think anyone will ever know all the definate answers anyhow.
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    Hey must say i read the Bible but it can confuse me some times.So praying is my main thing.

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    I agree with you completely. I respect those who fervently study the Bible but I get frustrated by folks who are arrogant and feel that, because of their Bible study, they are "better" than me or closer to God. For me, trying to follow the Ten Commandments are my primary focus most of the time, as well as the command to "love one another". ;-) Just my 2 cents.

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    I was brought up Catholic...and therefore I was taught that the Bible was the word of God. However as I got older I realized that there was some inconsistencies in there. To further my doubts about the Bible, my Theology class in high school (in a catholic school mind you) illustrated that the Bible was written as a teaching tool for those who otherwise did not go to school. Stories were easier to remember the lessons that people should be following, and that is what the Bible was made up of. That made sense to me.

    So in answer to your question, my faith is not based upon the literal interpretation of the bible.
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    I worship God.
    I believe in the Trinity -God the father, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit.
    I study God's word written in the bible by man. Given to them by God's Holy Spirit.

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    Those who practise Christianity and most other religions do so with a profiund sense of faith, because religion is not clearly black and white, thus faith and belief are natural tools for understanding any religion.

    Yes, we can ask the "what if" questions of our own and others' religion, but to what end? Are our doubts rather than faith and belief going to lead us through our lives?

    I am not a religious person in that I rarely attend church, but I do read the Holy Bible for inspiration and to strengthen my faith.

    I do agree with the thread starter that boobs, particularly my wife's are nice and I cherish them, but do not worship them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cspine View Post
    What if your god didn't literally create the world in 7 days, but through a big bang and millions of years of evolution? Would you loose your faith?
    The notion that the big bang, etc. WAS creation actually strengthened my faith. The flood could have been a parable, if anything, I'm pretty sure it was just a local flood.
    What if the creator wasn't a humanoid deity? Does that make him/her/it less glorious?
    I am fairly confident that God does not resemble us (or visa-versa). In fact, I'd be disappointed if it were so...

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