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Thread: Rib Cook with a Ron Pearlman siting

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    Rib Cook with a Ron Pearlman siting

    Wolfe Rub Original on half a rack of untrimmed spares, salt, pepper and garlic on the other half. Also did a sweet potato hasselback version.....basted with a mixture of butter, honey and Wolfe Rub Original, VERY good stuff! Kinda like candied sweet potatoes!

    While the ribs were cooking, I was enjoying a few beverages and a Rocky Patel on a nice 80º October day!!

    Added the sweet potatoes.

    After about 45 minutes, I began to baste and repeated every 10 minutes or when I needed another beer. Whichever came first.

    Everything is almost done, including the cook.

    Dinner's ready!

    Homemade potato salad and Bush's beans. I realize this morning that I should not eat the whole bowl of beans.........hoofah
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    OMG you're his doppelganger! lol

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