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Thread: Once Paralyzed, Man Walks A Mile

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    Once Paralyzed, Man Walks A Mile

    Oct 9, 2010 8:25 pm US/Eastern
    Once Paralyzed, Man Walks A Mile
    Alana Gomez
    CANTON (WBZ) ―

    They told him he would never walk again.

    Ten years later, and one mile longer, he proved them wrong.

    When 29-year old Dan Cummings crossed the finish line in Canton today, it was the first mile he walked without sitting since the accident that left him paralyzed.

    "I reached my goal," said an emotional Cummings. "My goal was to walk one day and I came out here to walk that mile and I did that and I can't even put into words what I feel right now. It's special."

    "God answered my prayers. Danny's prayers," said his mother, Kathy Cummings.


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    Mabey I should be more positive.

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    really cool!!
    I have more to claim.
    I have to fight through the hard places
    to go and get it!

    most recent video:

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    This guy certainly provides inspiration, and more improtantly, hope. We all have a chnace for something. I just know it.

    keeping on

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    He needs to avoid Dr. Graves. I was topping 1/2 mile when I got graves disease. Damn this good luck...but that walking was inefficient as hell, and painful.

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    Being local to this story I saw it on the evening news. While I congratulate him on his personal accomplishment, once again this story was told from the "if you just try hard enough" position that is both inaccurate and somewhat disrespectful of those who simply did not get the same level of return. The "God answered my prayers" is always one that I find fascinating. So, if there actually is a God, he chooses who to keep in total paralysis? Including small children and people who have never done anything but good in their lives? Really? Not exactly a deity model that makes sense to me, or that has any appeal either. Sometimes I just wish people could think of the filp side of what they say. The unspoken part that must be true if their hypothesis has any truth. Perhaps they would just thank that deity for their return, without the usual need to talk about determination and courage. While both determination and courage helped him, and I am not taking away from that, biological return is the real help here, and without it he could spend a lifetime in a chair wishing for more courage, lacking the ability to see that "grace under pressure" is another whole form of courage.

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    with God anything is possible. keep your prayers up

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    Glory to God!!

    Im in a chair and if it was not for prayer or belief in Christ my journey would be in deep depression.. I find spirituality a major player to ones ability.. For me, any thing negative is not to blame God but satan who deceive, destroy and take away one from believing.. I would love to walk but its not the most important thing in life.. If God was to make you heal and walk, there is a possibility you will not believe! He believe in his prayer and guess what? It work for him.. He dedicated his journey through his faith and work! I believe he was bless.. Its not easy to have faith even one of Jesus close deciple doubt him after seeing many miracles but we fight the fight and strengthen our faith for there is a reward in doing so! It might not be walking but it could be something greater then walking.. You will never know if effort is not made..
    God bless us all!
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by mv740 View Post
    with God anything is possible. keep your prayers up
    Are you really from Nigeria?
    Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    "grace under pressure" is another whole form of courage.
    Well said.

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