I had a c 6-7 a year ago...now called incomplete c6-7....started aqua therapy...just walking with assistance....and i get severe spasms/ vibrations afterwards whe i rest with fatigue. Also it makes me feel weaker....i am one year out....and i feel like i am going downhill....if i dont move i get stiffer, numbness. burning...if i move i get these full body vibrations/spasms that keep me up all night. i tried doing chest/abdominal breathing exercises and chest hurt all night long...thought i was having a heart attack?

there is another disc at c 5-6 that is now touching the cord...surgeon doesnt want to touch me.....but the inflammation has started again and my neck in soooooo hot with pain? he says not large enough to remove? i also have the ligamentum flavum touching the other side and compressing the cord at c 6-7 which he wont touch either? i just dont get this? shouldn't they be removed? maybe they are the problem? i feel weaker?