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Thread: Esther Vergeer posed Nude in ESPN Body issue

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    Esther Vergeer posed Nude in ESPN Body issue

    Esther Vergeer

    The comments from all the press articles are mostly positive..and well..of course some negative "don't you think it is wrong to look at a nude woman in a wheelchair" kinda thing..but it is sure to raise awareness of the fitness and ability and beauty of woman on wheels.
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    Thoughtfully and artfully composed and produced. My hope is that we will see more of these types of photographs showing PWDs as the beautiful perople they are,
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    The polo gals have buff thighs!
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    The media morons still need a wake-up call!
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    for the ladies, hereare the other featured athletes- have you seen Camillo Villegas? (the hottest thing to come out of Medellin since cocaine, lol) he looks good, but he could use a little body fat.
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    ...but he could use a little body fat.

    You rang?
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    I think its great... but why did she have to pose IN the chair still?? And why with the leg strap and seat belt? To me that just shows she still a woman in a chair.. not a sexy naked woman athlete... She easily could of posed the same way as the woman above her did.. and still have the tennis racket and ball with her.. I mean kudos for having her in the magazine at all.. but I still wish she could break away from being an extraordinary woman/athlete in a wheelchair. to just and extraordinary woman/athlete. Then again.. Woopi was on the news the other day.. wondering basically the same thing.. why cant she just be a great actress? why is she still a great black actress? Baby steps.. right?

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