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Thread: Carbon fiber solid seat pan by strips.

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    Toto, you're my wheelchair hero.

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    nice job dude...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastRando View Post
    Toto, you're my wheelchair hero.
    That is because you don`t know me

    Every active person need one of this, i`m getting in love with this fu***g seat.
    This Sunday i`m going to do the half marathon of my city, and i wasn`t sure what seat to put for the marathon, because i thought that maybe this strips will absorb some of my energy when i am pushing hard my wheels, today i did around 15km at my 80% for see how they will go for the marathon, i`m going with them, no problem, even the ride is more confortable because i don`t notice in the chair the potholes of the road like before, the ride now is smother and when i jumb a curb a smile come to my face.

    Who knows, maybe after a year with them without problems i ................

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    ...i`m getting in love with this fu***g seat.
    enough much does it cost?PM me!!!

    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nia adha View Post
    enough much does it cost?PM me!!!

    At the moment it will not be much expensive because i can`t give a warranty, i would make it for only a little more than cost price, just for people start trying this stuff and start speaking lovely things about it ,
    but once i`m sure that this stuff is lasting don`t look for me, you will have to speak before with my admin office

    I told you before that i need your specs, because it`s not going to be a STD suspension seat by CF.
    Every seat will be make different for each customer(different thickness and size of strips), knowing their weight, wide, deep of chair and dump.
    For chairs without ergo seat all the strips will be one piece, doing the strips from a sheet with a CNC machine, for chairs with ergo seat the seat will be two parts.

    The same strip will not work the same in a chair 18" wide than in 15", maybe in a 18" will be like a yo yo and could crack and in the 15" will be too hard.

    The seat will be fixed with velcro, but will go with a few clamps for if you want an adittional fixed, but i assure you that you will leave it with only the velcro, because you could take out the seat in a few seconds and you could even have a lighter transfer weight of your chair if you want.

    I will give you an exactly price when i know your specs but it will be around $200+shipping.
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    That's nice! props and keep us posted on your progress.
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    Nice execution on the strips! I thought about doing something similar with the difference of inserting the strips into the cushion base.

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    Hi guys.

    I`m doing a video for Oracing, i just want to show you a bit of the video where you can see how the suspension seat work, you can see how the seat absorb all the energy of the jump, specially the last one.

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    Well, yesterday I had the first problem with my seat, of course was my fault, because I give an extreme use to the seat and of course to the chair, i think Oracing is not going to send me more chairs .
    Of course nobody or almost nobody is going to do what i did, i was speaking with Oracing the other days and they are interisting in this seat, but of course they can`t give it like and option until they are ensure that it`s safe, so that`s my job, be the test driver

    Well, i tell you: yestarday doing one of my rides i saw a good place for do a good jump, they was a stairs with 3 steps, so i thought: "i`m going up there and i`m going to jump that stairs"
    And i did it, the jump for you can make an idea was around 20" or a bit more( was the stairs that i went down in the video that is in the previous post), and i landed perfect, my casters a few milliseconds before my rear wheels.
    So i go on with my ride, but coming back i decide to jump it again and that time i didn`t landed ok, to much over my rear wheels and i heard a crack under my ass.

    The advantage in a seat with individual strips is that i only have to change one, and that`s cheaper, if all the seat was one piece by strips, although you only brake one you will have to change all the seat.

    You can see in the pics that the strip that broke don`t have broken all his layers, i could get home without problems, i only change the strip of place and i put it forward where has to support less weight.

    I reinforced with a bit CF that i have left over.
    I`m going to do an order of a CF sheet and i will do a new strip, this time around an inch deeper for give more strength in that area.

    Of course be sure that when i will have the new strip the first thing i`m going to do is jump it again, i will record it in video for you can see what i`m speaking about.

    But i repeat, this wouldn`t happend to anyone, because normal people don`t do this things, and less in an ultralight chair.

    Some pics.
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    sorry toto... but you are insane... lol

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