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Thread: Carbon fiber solid seat pan by strips.

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    Carbon fiber solid seat pan by strips.

    Hi guys.

    Finally here is the result, very cool for my taste and the best of all, they work like a suspension.
    I want to say if something works for me, be sure that will work for you, because i take things to the limit, i don`t like been sitting in a chair been carefully and going down curbs slow because i`m afraid if it breaks.

    Before i have did test with playwood strips, and all was ok until i start going down curbs, no problem if i did it slow but if i jump it the strips crack, so i was changing sizes of strips and thickness until they don`t crack.
    After that knowing how strong was the strip of playwood and comparing with carbon fiber i did some calculations, and i wasn`t sure that the solid seat pan with 3mm thickness that Oracing was going to give me will work for strips, so i told them that i didn`t want it because i was going for a thicker sheet for my strips.

    My weight is around 180lbs, so depending weights we will have to go for differents sizes of strips or thickness.
    Now what i have to see is the lifetime of this, but i don`t think there will be any problem, because CF have a good fatigue life, so that, i will see it with the time.

    Another thing i want to say, is that all carbon fiber are not the same, they are differents ways to do it, putting the CF layers in different directions, different CF clothes, etc. So maybe you think is the same, but sheets with the same thickness could be very different, i post a pic where you can see two sheet done different, look the layers in the sides, one is much stronger than the other and you could go with a thinner sheet with the sheet of the top.

    I did this video for you can see what i`m speaking about, sorry for my english.

    Here you`ve got a bunch of pics.

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