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Thread: Blood pressure after surgery

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    Blood pressure after surgery

    My mother had surgery a week ago Wednesday to remove hardware in her back that had become infected. The surgery was very sucessful with no problems, but shortly after the surgery she began to have her BP drop significantly for a while. They gave her transfusions twice which brought her BP back up, and other times it returned to normal on it's own. The doctors have not been able to explain the reason for the drop in BP and are still running tests. However mom told me that one of the neuroligists indicated that it was not unexpected for things like BP to fluctuate somewhat after surgery near the spinal column while the body recovers from the trauma. I wasn't there so I don't know exactly what was said, and the other doctors are continuing to run tests to determine why her BP dropped, which is delaying her discharge even as her BP has remained stable for the last two days. I was hoping someone on this board had some experience or knowledge on this so and can tell me whether this is simply a normal reaction to back surgery by someone with SCI. Thank you.

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    Happens all the time. could be volume loss, could be anesthesia but they want to mke sure her her heart and system are okay.

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    I use to get very low bp every few days for 3-4 months after my surgery. I had to tell the nurses when i felt faint so they can check it and keep an eye on it. It got so bad half the time that they would race me back to bed to lie down and bring it back up. Since I have been home my bp has been great and i no longer have the bad head rushes. You know your bp is low when you start seeing black!
    I had never had any problems with bp in my life until this accident happened.


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    when I was in rehab my BP was horrible, passing out all the time and unable to sit up. They told me it's like a switch flick and my BP would change. On one BP pressure test it was 64 over 44 at one point. The dr had me on floineuf (sp?) and one day a year and half later it fixed itself one day on it's own. I wish her luck.
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