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Thread: Can $1 billion cure paralysis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyCrip View Post
    Well, if the cancer experience is any indication, the answer is "No."

    Cancer research has raised over 100 billion dollars over the last five decades.
    I would say; to use the cancer experience, the answer is “Yes.”

    There are many different cancer types, and luckily since much focus and money has been given this field some of these cancer types are now treatable. And that is a fact.

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    Cowboy, Ive read many posts on this forum that say that cancer research hasn't produced. I disagree due to facts. Breast cancer, protate, and others all have shown significant improvements over the last decade. As an example 3 of my friends had prostate cancer , were operated on, and now are cured. A total cure , no, improvements yes. We will see the same things with spinal cord injuries and stem cell. Add itional funding will become avaolable once trials show something positvel I expect to see als and spinal injuries trials to show that thos year. Wise is very excited about ms. so we might see somtehing there also.

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