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Thread: My Service Dog has passed On

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    My Service Dog has passed On

    Some of you know, but others don't so I thought I'd tell you as Trooper knew many of you.

    I had to put my service dog Trooper down yesterday. I had him since December 1999. He was a Golden Retriever that touched a lot of people and broke many barriers. He went all over the United States traveling with me. Everywhere I went he was loved. And those who were "afraid" of him, quickly warmed up to his charm and regal stature. Together as a team we experienced a great diversity of people.

    Trooper's diagnosable health was perfect, but we believe he was found to have a tumor on his brain which caused a neurological condition affecting the central nervous system. It caused him to rapidly loose muscle mass and therefor loosing all strength in a matter of 3 days. He worked for me until the last three days of his life and in those last three days, when he could barely stand, he found a way to walk and lay by my wheelchair. We were together until his last breath and then we let go of each other.

    My family will be burying his ashes in the spring at my mothers grave. We both knew it was time. Trooper was a dog I'll never forget, working until three days before he died. I'm not sure if I'll ever be the same.

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    Really sorry Liz, must be hard.
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    So sorry for your loss.
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    That must be heartbreaking, I'm so sorry.

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    I am really sad for you. Trooper was great checking on me when I stayed at your place. Well I like to think he was checking on me. I think he just wanted me to get up The kids talk about when he went to McAlisters with us. Hugs to you.
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    So sorry you lost your Trooper. You two loved each other to the very end.

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    I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Trooper. He was a gentleman and a scholar. I don't think many people could surpass him in sorry, B, truly truly sorry.

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    Betsy, sorry for your loss.

    This picture speaks 1000.

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    Oh, Lizbv, I am so sorry. I know all too well what it is to lose a beloved animal companion, and Trooper was obviously like a soul dedicated, so loving, so dear. Blessings to you in your loss.

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