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Thread: Your AAA experiences

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    Even if you don't use it for your car, the discounts can pay for the membership. I used it for my last glasses and got 30% off.

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    Well worth it. The discounts do help.....

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    We have been members for 29 years. We have not had to use the services often, but when we have it has been a great relief to know that there is help there almost immediately. There are levels of membership that include more services. Check out the various levels and pay for what you think you will need. We don't have AAA auto insurance which is different for the roadside assistance program. I would also be VERY suspect of using the AAA vehicle inspection program. We've been burned there because these inspection stations are also repair operations. AAA contracts to an existing mechanic shop to do the inspections under the AAA mantle. The mechanic shops that are AAA inspection stations that we have experienced deliberately created a problem that needed to be fixed or the illusion of a problem that needed to be fixed. We took the van to our long time such problem.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    years ago, before i got hurt i drove a tow truck and we were the company for AAA in our area. back then the gold membership was the way to go, the basic often didn't cover enough miles and the customer was still stuck with bill. i buy a new car often, so i have the coverage with the new vehicles(they often use AAA, or another roadside program), but i have thought about getting AAA just for the hotel and other discounts. its just like buying health insurance, you just have to weigh benefits to see if it justifies the cost. if you plan to travel a lot, i'm sure you'd come out even or ahead of membership fees. one 100mile tow itself would cover the fee.

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    Yes. I was very glad I had it on Sat when my transmission died on the Mass pike. Plus, in a chair, there is no way I could change my tire anymore. (Yes, I know it is possible, but not by me!! LOL)
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    I forgot to mention that AAA membership follows the member not just the members car. If you are riding with someone who does not have roadside assistance with AAA, you can use your membership to order assistance for the car in which you are riding.


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    I like the peace of mind my membership brings. I travel enough that the 10% discount at hotels pays for my basic membership.

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    Purchased AAA last year, came out to my van last month and the tire was flat. Called AAA, 30 minutes later the spare was on and I was off to the race's.

    Worth every penny.
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    its worth it last year we broke down a hour away from home called them they were there in a hour the only problem was he could only carry 2 passengers but they were 3 of us long story short money talks he bought us all the way home

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    We have had it for years and would not be without it. We took vacation in Sept when my husband was granted a 1 month sabbatical from work and it saved us a ton of money at hotels, stores, and even some restaurants. Sometimes we even got 20% and 25% savings instead of 10% from the hotels out west. I balked when my hubby wanted to get it over 15 years ago but I gave in and they won me over when my sister and I and our kids were in connecticut in the middle of nowhere and the van broke down. We didn't know what to do but finally picked up enough cell phone signal to get a call out to aaa and within an hour we were all fixed and headed back to Mass, kids happily asleep in the back seat.

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