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Thread: C5/C6 independent IC's

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    C5/C6 independent IC's son is injured 2.5 yrs now C5/C6 and has been wearing a leg bag and a condom cath but has decided to have bladder augmentation to become more independent. He can do the basic IC with a tool to hold the tube but how is it that you get access. Do you wear pants with a zipper? With a ring? Underwear with a fly?
    Please advise...thank you in advance for your time!!!

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    if he wants to lose the bag totally, he'll need augmentation or maybe just botox. velcro is possible for access but a mitronoff may be more convenient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robeec View Post
    if he wants to lose the bag totally, he'll need augmentation or maybe just botox. velcro is possible for access but a mitronoff may be more convenient.
    He might not. Oxybutynin (Ditropan) stopped my bladder spasms enough to ditch the bag and IC. I use pre-lubed Speedicaths and taught myself to use them without any adaptive equipment. I am C5/6 but it may depend how closed or usable his hands are.

    I have my trousers adapted by getting someone good with sewing to stitch a stretchy panel (cut from jersey short type underwear) into the front open v where the zipper would be so I can get my hand down there, haul the fella out - held in place by stretchy panel tucked underneath balls - cath and then pop everything back in. Takes 5 minutes. Bit like maternity pants. I'm not proud.

    I'm not saying bladder medication will work but you should look into it.
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    We also use a lot of "pant holders" (link below) which were originally designed by a nurse called Betty at Craig Hospital, and called Betty Hooks for many years before the patent was sold.

    They work best with elastic waist or drawstring slacks, but many use them with zippered slacks as well.

    Our OTs can add a ring at the big curve in to make it easier to tuck under your cushion, and we also often put a piece of velcro on the upper side alone with one on a urinal to keep the urinal tucked nicely in place when draining (if not using a self-contained kit).


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    We have done botox 3 times different strengths and different doc no luck. Not sure about that hook we use it, but he wouldn't be able to himself...

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    To clarify

    We have tried all the meds too..nothing works..

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    My son is C5/C6 and wears jeans with a ring on the zipper. Back when he was wearing sweat pants at rehab he tried the hook but he prefers jeans with the ring. He also uses a cathing tool and and the enclosed cathing system and he is independent with it.

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    I dont know how a c5,c6 catherizes oneself because I'm a c5,c6 and I cant do it. Does it take him a long time to do it. I was cathed for 8 years by my parents and just hated cathing all together. I had the super pubic surgery done 2.5 years ago and love it. I can empty my own bag and drink as much fluids as I want. Have you looked into that? He wouldnt have to wear the condom cath and worry about skin breakdown there.

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    I wear jeans exclusively. I use a wrist-driven flexor splint to aid in inserting the catheter. With the other hand I hold the skivvies down and out of the way, while the tray balances on my leg. Sliding down a bit in the chair can help.

    When I first came home from rehab I relied on others, then my Mom made me learn myself and while I was frustrated at the time, I am certainly glad she did. It will take a little time to be proficient, and patience.

    I used to use rings on the zipper, but they can come off if pulled too hard; I later used a zipper pull to get the zipper back up, but now I just have a piece of coat hanger modified, as it is sturdier.
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