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Thread: Favorite movie of Angelina Jolie

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    Gia or Changeling. I loved it.

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    gia or that first one she made, sitting topless in a circle of friends, something like foxfire or firefox
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    Gone in sixty seconds. Small role, yes but theres somethin' 'bout hot gal with long dreads.

    Sorry if i was 'posed to pick from the two you mentioned (never seen 'em).

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    The Changeeling for sure. Followed by The Good Sheperd, even though she wasn't the star.

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    The Changeling, for me. I thought she showed just the right amounts of befuddlement, concern and outrage.

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    LMAO! A spammer started this thread, so now I'm the OP.

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    I can't think of an Angelina movie I didn't like. She's really good in Salt and I hope there is a sequel. The Tourist with Johnny Depp looks good too.

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    I loved the humor in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but just about anything she is in I like.

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    I just wish I had been born looking like her!
    I read the book Foxfire (Firefox, now I am confused) many years ago and could not take my eyes off of her during the movie, Not for the same reason as naughty Bruce!

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    The one where she was in the home for the mentally self-impaired, or whatever it was - with Wynona. I don't think I've seen any others.
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