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Thread: Here Comes Jack Frost

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    Here Comes Jack Frost

    I woke up at 0430 this morning feeling cold tight and burning all at the same time. As the weather changes I know taht I will have a cold at least every other week, the pain will increase as the temp drops. I am the bear that is preparing for hibernation. So SCI troops, lets get ready to put on the pounds, watch every crazy show on tv, pull out the Star Wars and Bruce Lee box sets, old amn winter is coming and he is literally bringing the pain. I am better than I was, but not as good as I used to be. Ha! Watch out for cabin fever you crippled and stiff legions. We must endure! Boardwalk Empire is pretty damn good. How will you pass your time? I would be remiss to include reading is fundamental, gotta love a good book.

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    The gym!! gotta work out, now that fishin's over.

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