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Thread: Farro wheat

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    Farro wheat

    Anybody else out there who cooks with this? I like it better than rice and it's easy to cook than barley.

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    we grew a few acres of it back in the early 90s for a seed company. They called it emmer. It's funny I don't recall eating it. It requires dehulling after being combined, like spelt. I'll have to pick some up at the local health food store and try it out. It is a beautiful little two row spring wheat that requires little in the way of fertility.

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    It is great stuff. I got it at costco believe it or not. As easy or easier to make than rice and much more interesting. Chewy, takes on flavoring well. Toss it in salads. High glycemic index, gluten free, complex carb.
    I'm hooked.

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    Hi Arndog
    I will look for it when I go shopping later this week

    Sincerely ;

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