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    I have not posted on CC regularly for a long time, and when I have it's been in the Women's Only forum, but for those of you who remember me, and my life partner Debbie, I wanted to let you know that Debbie died somewhere around 3 last night. She had been on Hospice care for several months after problems with blood infections, blood clots, and her stomach shutting down. She suffered a great deal of nausea and pain the better part of this year and while she fought hard to stay alive for a long time, she had become very tired. She became ill yesterday, was scheduled to be readmitted to Hospice this morning, but her body was simply too weak and this time she could not fight any more.

    We were together 15 years. She was the best woman - the best, kindest, most loving soul I have ever known. While my heart is breaking, I hope she is flying free and happy somewhere better than this world.
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    I am so sorry to read this. As I saw the subject line, I knew what the content was going to be ... we have lost so many at CareCure. I'm so sorry for your loss. I think it's so difficult to be the one left behind ... especially if that person was so involved in care, etc. My condolences.

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    She sounds like she was a wonderful person.
    The world needs more like her.

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    Words can not express how sorry I am to hear this. May you find comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain

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    Sincere condolences on your loss Kendell. She'll be smiling down on you.

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    I'm sorry to read this, and sorrier to read that Debbie had a difficult time this last year. We seem to have lost more than our share of CareCure friends recently. It sounds like you have a good 15 years of memories to carry on with you, as well as the knowledge that you did everything you could to help her - that's all that any of us can do.
    Best wishes,
    - Richard

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    So sorry to hear about your loss. I bet she is flying around freely now that she's pain free.

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    i'm so sorry for your loss!! it is hard to be the one left behind.
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    Kendell, I'm sorry for your loss. You have my condolences.

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    I am so sorry to hear that and I am so sorry for your loss. Too many people have died this year.
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