Well I have lived without a 4x4 pickup now for almost 9 years, which is the longest I have ever lived without one since I got my permit almost 37 years ago. I have just purchased a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with the Cummins Diesel. I have wanted a Dodge Cummins 4x4 pickup now going on for 14 years so I finally said why not and bought the truck. I am a C 6/7 with near normal use of my arms and hands and good trunk balance as well so I visited with my local DME supplier about what he thought might be a good choice regarding the lift. After looking at a couple of models and pricing them as well I decided to go with the Bruno Stow away lift (http://www.bruno.com/stow-away.html) As such, I was wondering if anyone out there has one of these type of lifts? I have some concerns regarding their dependability/work ability might/will be effected due to the winter driving conditions I.e. snow and slush along with the inevitable mud that comes along with driving off the paved roads. If anyone out there has one of these type of lifts would you please PM so that I can pick your brain regarding the lift