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Thread: Fall >>> pain !!

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    Fall >>> pain !!


    I fell on the floor big time yesterday. I was standing up, leaning against a very big and heavy door in a theater. Someone from inside the theater pushed it with all his might and I landed on my right side on the concrete floor: hip and shoulder.

    Other than the monumental scare, I find myself in some pain now. I thought it would go away after a good night's sleep, but that is not the case. Nothing seems to be broken, but the hip joint and particularly the SHOULDER hurt a lot...

    Any suggestions??

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    As a walking quad I fall quite often and have even torn my rotator cuffs, you may have gotten trauma injury, this happens to me quite often if it pusists I would see your GP and see what the have to say. good luck and hope you heal soon.

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    You should put ice on the area to prevent swelling, bruising and pain.
    Hope nothing is broken.

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    Thank you for your replies...

    I am trying to avoid seeing my GP since I seem to go to his office every week! The most pain is in the pectoralis major (or something like that), but it also radiates down the hand.

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    I ended up in the ER last Monday due to low O2sats. All week I felt as though I was a rickety puppet whose owner threw it(me) into walls, pulled my weak balsa wood joints apart and threw me down. Funny part is they put me under a twilight sleep to suction mucous plugs from my bronchial tubes. This week the aches and creaks have gone away but it took that much time (I don't remember the X-rays and or whatever else was done)

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    You could have torn a muscle but if it persist you might need some xrays. When I broke my knee my body shook very bad because of the pain.
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