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Thread: Wise, a question please

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    Wise, a question please

    Are you attending the Wrld Stem Cell Summit in Detroit this week? If so are you presenting? If so what is the title of your presentation? Thanks in advance.

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    Dose anybody know if Wise is at the World Stem Cell Summit in Detroit? My understanding is this is a big one. :et's hope that fruitful info will be coming out. Let's all concentrate on this for today and tommorow and post anything we find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keeping on View Post
    Dose anybody know if Wise is at the World Stem Cell Summit in Detroit? My understanding is this is a big one. :et's hope that fruitful info will be coming out. Let's all concentrate on this for today and tommorow and post anything we find out.

    keeping on
    Keeping on,

    I arrived in Hong Kong about two hours ago, after having flown from 21 hours from Detroit to Newark to Hong Kong. I was indeed at the World Stem Cell Summit, spoke there, and listened to about a day's worth of presentations by others.

    There was one very good session about the Dickey/Wicker's amendment... the law that does not allow the NIH to fund any research that may harm a fetus. A lawyer from Harvard spoke and provided a view that I had not heard before. Apparently, shortly after Obama got into office and there was a strong Democratic majority in both the Senate and the House, there was talk about repealing the Dickey amendment. Some administration lawyers were arguing that the language of that amendment is so broad that judges may construe it as a ban of all embryonic stem cell research regardless of executive orders and NIH policies. Nothing was done. It turned out that they were right. A judge went ahead to rule that it is against the law and intent of Congress for NIH to fund any kind of embryonic stem cell research. He pointed out that there is only one chance left and that was during the lame duck session in Congress at the end of this year.

    Sally Temple gave a great talk. She heads the neural stem cell institute at Rensselear in New York. We have been discussing how to get neural stem cells into clinical trial. I believe strongly that the only way to replace neurons is to transplant neural stem cells or neural restricted progenitor cells. Several potential sources of these cells are becoming available.

    There were a lot of people at this meeting. In the main conference, I estimate that over 600 people were attending the lectures. Later, in the afternoon, during my talk (the meeting was split into three or more parts) and I think that there was about 150 people attending my panel discussion on umbilical cord blood. A researcher from the University of Minnesota spoke about umbilical cord blood cells providing endothelial precursor cells and the markers that they express. I of course spoke about use of umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells and lithium treatment of chronic spinal cord injury. Because I had about 20 minutes to give this talk, I minimized the number of slides to 18 and just described the trials without giving all the rationale for umbilical cord blood cell therapy of spinal cord injury. I have been giving a talk about ChinaSCINet trials at each of the last four meetings. Predictably, I was flooded afterward by all sorts of people for nearly an hour afterwards.

    I met a group that has an interesting applicator for improving bowel movements in patients with constipation and rectal dysfunction. It was quite a neat device what actually applies medication to the sphincter and the rectal canal without release medication into the rectum or the colon. This reduces the side effects of the medication. Part of it causes the sphincter to relax, to allow bowel movements and then it delivers something to cause the sphincter to contract. It is not yet available on the market. The company is from Israel and is looking for funding to get the device tested in clinical trial. As soon as I hear about the trial, I will post it here. That was unexpected... to find a company doing this at a stem cell meeting.

    The World Stem Cell Summit is filled with advocates at both state and national levels. There are lots of stem cell companies looking at other people's technologies and telling about their products and clinical trials. I even met a representative from Beike Biotechnology who is based in Thailand. He indicated that they are working hard to get clinical trials going and to regain their reputation. There were lots of mesenchymal stem cell people. It is interesting that many of the American companies have little idea of all the trials that are going on in China, Korea, and Taiwan. Anyway, that is my impression of the meeting from being their on Monday. I had to rush off to fly to Hong Kong on Tuesday.


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    thanks Wise, will be looking for more info from the meeting. Hope the trials go well for you and everybody. You've started something that nobody can stop.

    Thanks you
    keeping on

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