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Thread: post Muscle flap question for nurse

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    post Muscle flap question for nurse

    My husband had muscle flap 2 weeks ago on sacral wound. Over all it looks good except where the wound was, its so moist and the tissue is getting macerated. A couple of the stAples didn't hold and I can see the internal stitches. I have been changing the dry gauze dressing 8-10 times a dday. Is this thing already a loss? Our plastic surgeon is 2 hrs away and he has to be transported by ambulance. Next appt on 22nd to get staples and JP drain out. Home health nurse comes 2 a week but I'm nervous. We have a lot of his time invested in this and I want to do all I can to make it work.
    Please. Any advice/encouragement welcome

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    Just to add, there's no sign of infection. And they didn't do a temp colostomy so I am doing his bowel program which is very close to the wound. Anyone?

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    I would encourage you to call the surgeon. I have seen some situations where there is a small open area and it is watched closely. I would not think it is a total loss but speak with surgeon very soon and ask your questions, which are all good ones.

    Very important, from my experience, is that your husband is lying flat with no pressure.
    Is he at home? What instructions was he given for post-op care? Is he on a special mattress? In my experience, those folks remain hospitalized until they can sit up, usually 6 weeks post-flap.


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    SCI Nurse, thanks.
    Yes he is home laying on a special mattress. He has not sat up one time since the flap. Not even lying on his back any but I have had to do his bowel care which I feel is messing with the progress. I have left a message for the surgeon on Friday morning. I am just so anxious that we will come out of this 6 week bedrest and he'll be facing the same dang problems that we were before. It's frustrating to know that we have done everything we were told to do and it's still looking mushy.

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