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Thread: TiLite quality control: I really have my doubts

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    I hope this isn't a sign that they are on the rush to the bottom to hang out with Sunrise & Invacare in the crap chair department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleB View Post
    Well, you should get the next tube off the production line, IMO, and I hoep that you do.
    This wasn't some fancy pants custom shop order. TiLite doesn't have a separate off-site custom shop like Gibson Guitars. Whether it's done as part of an original purchase or ordered aftermarket, the production process is identical and done by the same workmen using the same materials. Cut carbon fiber tubing, glue in a camber plug.

    It's their responsibility to make certain that the materials and workmanship used to fabricate a critical component can withstand at least 2 months gentle, driving-to-church-on-Sunday use. I don't think that's asking too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Sorry, I'm going to decline the offer to take one for the team. I'm strenuously trying to hold the line at T4 paraplegia.
    I've taken worse falls. I'll take one for the team. It'd be less than a 1.5' drop.

    In all seriousness, I hope this gets resolved for you, Stephen.

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    I am sure they will address this post during the working week next week. Sorry to hear about your troubles Stephen.
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    I'm not convinced he'll hear from the tilite rep here. Hope he does, but doubt it.

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    in a nutshell, CF sucks for a wheelchair parts... it's a selling point i'm not buying!the same goes with single sided forks!
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    Steverino, I have prepared the necessary paperwork and we'll file a lawsuit with the NY AG's Office on Monday morning. I have sustained severe emotional distress just reading about this. Seriously, thx for the heads up...I was under the impression that everyone loved their TiLite chairs. It really is a terrific looking chair...too bad they may be running products out the door with minimal or poor quality control. I suspect that happens in any industry when demand spikes up.....quality can go down.
    yeah, TI-Lite makes a great chair. Why not use your momentum to make change instead of starting a brush fire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post

    This is not my first CF camber tube--I had to return the first one because it was not made to the correct specs. Similarly, a few years back when I ordered a new back post for my ZR, it too had to be returned because the factory didn't pay attention to the order specs. While those goofs were simply inconveniences, adding weeks to delivery, they didn't pose immediate safety hazards. .
    I`m sorry for what happened with your camber tube, the important thing is that you are ok without any accident.
    I have ordered a new backrest too for my friend`s ZR, you will see something interesting in a few weeks.

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    Has everyone gone mad? :-)

    Okay, Stephen, just need to say… Don't sound like a crank. :-)

    CF is durable but there is no microscopic surface like aluminum or titanium for glue to keep a grip.

    The TI engineers should've seen that one from a mile away.

    My grievances against TI have always been with the customer service and paying attention to details.

    I took your advice to cool my jets and discuss my situation with them. Consequently, we're moving right along on my next order. There are still things that drive me nuts and things I'm not entirely sure they will follow up with but they are a corporation and it is very easy to put a corporation on their heels and even knock them out so think carefully about your desired outcome. A timid company or at least one company in Washington State that does the actual innovation (i.e., not Microsoft)

    The solution to a carbon fiber camber tube is a bolt or a rivet. I'd prefer a bolt because it gives me more freedom to swap out plugs with different angles or even manufacture plugs in a way that would give me adjustable width.

    Holy cow… I must have died last night crossing the street or from alcohol poisoning because I read like the voice of reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    I'm not convinced he'll hear from the tilite rep here. Hope he does, but doubt it.
    I find it odd that when MrCoffee phoned TiLite about his series2 backrest hinge issue they told him to blow. Once he posted his concern here he was sent repair parts free of charge. I imagine this will be another of those instances. I just feel sorry for people that haven't found our little CC world.

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