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Thread: Anyone name their chair's?

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    Anyone name their chair's?

    A friend of mine named his chair. Does anyone else here name their chair? or know anyone else who has?

    I named my car but not my chair. .

    and if you have, what did you name it?

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    everyone I know has a name for their guitars. I love my instruments, but their name is ether the manufacturer, the wood they are made of, or their particular pourpose. like my penguine bass, daisy rock, or the jasmine, but still they are cool names I guess.

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    I named my maffo uggo.

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    Black Beauty here!
    C5 injury with partial C6 function on left.

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    ive never named a car. my current one is an avenger and i guess that sounds pretty cool so i could just call her that. but my chair...hmmm i dont really look at it as seperate from me!!! its more part of me at this point then my legs...this is the same reason tilite went to DC to lobby for a change in the attitude of how wheelchairs are looked at. its an orthodic for all intents and purposes. so why is it in the same category of a shower bench? it is an extension of me and gives me freedom.
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    I've never named one of my wheelchairs, but I have called them some unprintable things.


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    Only one of my chairs has ever been named: The Tank. Absolute disgrace of a wheelchair; never fit or worked properly. When I finally got a replacement I told the wheelchair vendor to have The Tank taken out back and shot as I drove off.

    I do name my computers though.

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    I've named cars but never chairs....except my old one, which was POS.

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    my mobility scooters are always called Betsa after my dads camper van cos they also chug up hills slowly and rattle your bones about.... lol!

    My first compact cheap electric chair was an energi enigma and i nicknamed that 'Toto' after reversing out of a lift over a guys toes!

    my vibe was nicknamed Buzz Lightchair, as i flew up hill and thought i was gonna take off at the top.. lol.. like Buzz Lightyear.. to infinity and beyond :O) (felt like a huge speed difference as the enigma was so slow!!)

    Trying a Genie standing chair thursday, if I do buy one I'd probably just call that one 'Genie'!

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    Named mine Pandora the first day I got her. That's a mistake I'll never make again. I've had to drop a couple of thousand in repairs in the last month alone and now my electrical system is screwed up. So don't ever name your chair after something disastrous. No good comes of it! lol
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