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Thread: syringomyelia & severe headaches

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    syringomyelia & severe headaches

    hi! i have sm. the syrinx is from the bottom of C4 to the top of C7. i have headaches everyday!!! but for the past six weeks the pain has been worse. i'm not able to sit or stand without nausea & vomitting if i stay up too long, the pain is so intense. it feels like massive pressure, but i also have throbbing & stabbing pain. in addition i've had a raspy hoarse voice & some difficulty swallowing. i've had this raspiness before but not for this long.
    has anyone else experienced this? the headaches or the throat thing? or know what to do about it?

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    I recommend you be evaluated now for these symptoms either by your doctor or the ED. You could be dehydrated from vomitting and you should not be having this severe of headache for so long.


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    i was at the ED for 16 hours until 4am monday. they gave me dilauded 6 doses. the DHE which made me worse & at the end a caffiene drip & a CTscan. my pain specialist had another MRI done & the syrinx has grown but only a teensy bit. i'm going to see a third NS soon. hopefully help is on the way. thank you for your advice.

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