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Thread: Free Ramp in NJ

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    Free Ramp in NJ

    Received an email from a friend of my dads who is giving away a free ramp. If anyone in New Jersey could use a ramp please email me.

    Email that was attached:
    Ramps were purchased in June. They are steel with handrails and have non skid mesh base which allows moisture to pass through to prevent icing. They are 36" x 29' 6" total length ramp with full handrails. Also have 1- 5'x4' level platform at the door with threshold plates for 2 doorways. 1-36" 2 tread stair system.

    I am enclosing an attachment from AM Ramps that shows a picture of the ramp.

    The ramp is free to anyone that can use it. All I ask is that they dismantle it and remove it.

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    free ramp

    Is the ramp still available? We live in West Milford but could use it at my Dad's home in Seaside Park. Please email me:
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    Is this ramp still avaible? I'm from East Brunswick (Central Jersey) and I could really use it. Please email me at or call me anytime at 7327547453. My name is Adam. Thank you.

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