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Thread: Severe Joint Pain :(

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    If it turns out to not be anything specific, Fish Oil, SAMe and glucosamine chondroitin are all supposed to help with joint pain. I don't even think there is an issue with using all three together. Good luck.
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    Go to your family physician and ask for the test for rheumatoid arthritis. I had the same thing you're describing but wasn't properly diagnosed with Rheumatoid for over a year, the Dr.'s told me it was pain from overuse. Do your joints swell? do you have a reddish rash on your face? fatigue? the low grade fever can be caused by RA as welll. I'm a para and make jewelry and use clay even though I have Rheumatoid, so you'll be fine once you find out what the problem is. Have you tried Ibuprofen?
    Good Luck,

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    I went to the rhuematologist, and am waiting for the blood tests. I get a rash lately, mostley on my trunk area, but sometimes on my face and neck as well. is that a sign of artheritis? usually when the joint pain is worse.

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    What did they say?
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    Hi Kiran , jody and everybody
    Many years ago
    When I was a manager I used to type very fast and over the years of reppititous use I was diagnosed with C T S
    so I just had to take it easy and slowed down . I was doing alot of typing and work with computers .
    Antiinflamitory meds helped me also because I dont like any type of surgery and definitely didnt want to have Dr's messing with my hands as I totally rely on my arms for everything .
    Sincerely ;
    GL AKa Gypsylady

    FWIW I hope everybody feels better
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    As of right now, I'm joint pain free The bump on my wrist has gone down considerably. That being said, I am going to request to be tested for RA because the joint pain was really difficult to deal with and I'd hate for it to return.

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    is that a hard bump growing out of the wrist joints? both my daughter and I have them. I have not gotten results from the rhumatologist yet, but she seems like a cool doc, who is good at what she does. Im wondering if you are feeling any better, and have seen anyone about your joint pain since the first last post.

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