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Thread: Severe Joint Pain :(

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    Severe Joint Pain :(

    For the last six months or so, I've been having sudden, intense joint pain in my hands. It will come out of the blue, and then within an hour or so, it disappears. Unfortunately, for the last day or so, it's stuck around. I thought it would go away overnight, but as I sit here typing, I'm in a lot of pain.

    I'll pop some anti-inflammatories tonight, but what the hell is going on? I'm struggling to find a family doctor out here. The last time I had a really bad episode of it, I went to a walk-in clinic. The doc checked me out and said there weren't any indications of arthritis. I noticed today that the muscles in between my fingers on my hand hurt when I apply pressure.

    I'm not gonna lie. I'm scared. I do pretty much everything with my hands, obviously. I hate that I can't do anything without intense pain in my hands. I'm running a fever tonight as well. If it's not arthritis, any ideas of what it could be?

    I'll go into a walk in clinic over the weekend if it doesn't improve.

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    Is it possible for you to see a rheumatologist?

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    The last time I had intense joint pain and noticed it in my hands - there was an actual bump over my wrist! - was the day I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.

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    Hoping for the best. Try not to be scared as it can aggravate the pain and anxiety. Carpal tunnel or overuse?
    My bad hand gets achy and hurts every so often and I try to shake it out or stretch it.
    My arms and hands have hurt/ached when I type a lot. Change of weather affects my pain too. Fall is in the air.
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    Be sure and get seen Kiran. If it were me, I'd probably choose my neurosurgeon. Partly because I trust him more than the rest, and partly to rule out any neuro problems.

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    I have been having the same thing. every few days, but it is not just my hands now, it is my shoulders and hips too. I am only on duragesic and vicodin for meds.
    I see a Rheumatologist on Monday.

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    My hands cramp up and hurt all the time
    I wish there was answers to our pains

    A rheumotologist may have a good clue as to what is going on

    The last time I seen a dr the dr said put ot your hands here !!! now take off your hat and putyour hands here !! I had to put my hat back on to place my hands on the desk
    the Dr saiud no no no !!! placve your hands here !
    I did
    He then said now take off your hat
    I took off my hat
    He yelled at me and said Nooooo
    I said look you tell me to place my handsa here !! He said yess
    I said then you makea me take off my hat then you yell bat me for taking my haands off the table
    Finally he gave up trying to get me to do 2 thingz at a time

    Dats from bthe old country

    Anyways I just know pain sucks

    Hope you all feel better


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    Once you get a local doctor sorted out i would look at getting some nerve conduction tests done. Maybe you can arrange that through GF Strong somehow? I don't know just shooting out idea's.

    Is there anyway that you could at least temporarily get a note taker for your classes? That way your hands/fingers get somewhat of a break.

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    Lynnifer's suggestion peaked my curiosity. Sure enough, I have a significant bump on my wrists. But my sis is in town visiting, and she had really bad ganglian cysts which caused severe joint pain as well. Apparently it runs in our family, so that may be what is going on here. I'll get it checked out tomorrow morning.

    Thanks all for your suggestions

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    If it's a ganglion cyst, try to get them to drain it with a needle rather than remove it surgically - even though it might need to be redrained in the future. That will be much safer in terms of maintaining use of your hand. Best wishes on finding out what this is and getting it taken care of.

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