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Thread: New Incomplete Quad

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    Welcome Corrine, sorry to hear about what happened. I'm glad that you're on your feet again. I had tumors removed from my spinal cord from c2-c5 last year, I still have a ways to go. Stay strong!
    Injured October 2nd, 2009. C5 incomplete ASIA C
    C2-C3 fusion, C4, C5, C6 and C7 laminectomy.
    And after another operation on February 14th 2014, I am now C1 to T1 incomplete ASIA C, with C5 incomplete neurological function at ASIA C.
    C1 foraminotomy, C1, C2, C3 laminectomy, scar tissue removal from C3 to C7, nerve root decompression of C7 and C8 and a Cervical Re-fusion. All due to a gradually worsening genetic disorder that I have and the other collateral complications that comes along with it.

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    Hi and welcome!

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