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Thread: R Index finger now moves??

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    R Index finger now moves??

    I'm a C7 quad 3 years 2mo. post. My fingers/hands don't have full sensation, tenodesis grip is my only hand "function" my fingers that move are not functional. The one's I can move just move up and down very limited and weak.

    I regained my left thumb to move up and down barely a few months post, right ring finger same motion within 16months, left middle finger same motion at about 30months and now this week right index same shit.

    This recovery seems very odd to me. I have also regained some sensation to almost complete arms and about my entire rib/back area. Yet I have no anal sensation or function.

    Tell me what your take is CC

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    mmm my take is

    fuck this spinal cord shit, its fucked up and when it can.. itll fuck with you
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    I think I am noticing I may have full pecs aswell. yet i am a complete. this bizarre injury!!

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    I guess you are not Complete any longer! Dr Wise always says the goal is to become more Incomplete and you are accomplishing that. You should be very proud and happy. What workouts are you doing to have so much return in your arms and fingers?

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    Yea, you're incomplete. I noticed most sensation changes around 2 yrs & it has increased, which isn't always good. I got movement back in one finger, but it isn't functional.

    Idk much about 4AP. I'd say that if you're getting that much finger movemnt back, it's time to try it, therapy & e-stim on your hands/fingers.

    Good luck!

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    I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to SCI recovery. Just take what your can get. Sounds like you're doing great.
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    According to the ASIA classification, you are still ASIA A. ASIA A means that you have some level below which you have no motor and sensory function. You are, however, clearly getting function back. Christopher Reeve got much of his sensation back when he was about 2 years after injury. It was perhaps 3-4 years when he noted that he could move his left index finger.

    I am very happy to hear this and hope that more recovery is coming.


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