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Thread: [video] ain't got no friends on a powder day...

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    Awesome!!! I like it.
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    That is a great video of 'off-piste euro' skiing. Loved it. But clearly that guy HAS great friends who will drag him to this ski line roped and scope out each jump for him. It is the perfect powder depth for monoskiing too, maybe 5 to 6 inches on firmpack.

    Thanks , Scott....

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    Might as well add a couple of other good ski videos while we are at it.

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    Those are great videos mt395.

    I would make one comment about the youtube video. Without trying to sound like a kill-joy or a Debbie-downer, I would add that monoskiing can bring back the same experience that able-bodied experience in only a small subset of skiing - lift served skiing. Ski mountaineering, mountain ski descents, multiday traveling on skis, traversing mountain ranges, heliskiing in really deep snow without a support crew of 3 people to help you, hiking in bounds to a great stash of snow are all not happening as a sit-down monoskier.

    Okay, I got that off my chest and feel better now ! Monoskiing is still a great thing that I love dearly......

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