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Thread: chair rolls away while transferring to car

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live

    chair rolls away while transferring to car

    I use a pouch on my chair to carry my cell phone and I use to put my car keys in it too. Not to long after I started driving after my injury, i quickly realized that is not the best thing when transferring to vehicle. the first time i had my chair roll away after i got in my vehicle i learned something very important. take keys and phone out before transfer, it sure sucks seeing your chair roll away with your phone and keys and your stuck in vehicle. just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? It took me a couple times of that before I learned my lesson, it happened one time when I took a wheel off, it rolled away with only 1 back wheel on it.

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    lol, yeah, has happened too many times in the early days JS. That was before cell phones. Thanks for the reminder to take the keys and cell out.

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    same thing last week in my car (which is a heap), keys cell phone in chair. So I waited and someone pulled up, a young lady jumped out of the passenger side and proceeded to walk away as I attempted to get her attention - repeatedly and increasingly louder and helpless "Miss?" totally ignoring me. As the driver began to drive away I began honking and waving my snowbrush and he pulled up to see what my problem was. I asked him nicely to retrieve my chair and he did so. Happy day...

    I'll never forget the story on Christian Bagg's (Marvel inventor) website (now-defunct about him dragging himself across 2 lanes of traffic to retrieve his chair in broad daylight. Now that's some hard-headed determination.

    I was thinking about a tether strap or something, right now I'm famous for the no-brake transfer. My scissor locks are driving me apeshit, can't wait to get my new chair with hub locks.......

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    I hate that when it happens. Good safety tip jschism!!!


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    Yeah, it's happened (chair rolling away) but I always either toss my keys in the car first once I unlock it, or hold them in my teeth (leather keyfob). At least, with keys, I can drive to my chair, reposition the car, and then re-commence loading. Whatever works...

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    I usually do this with a passenger along with me - someone who the mercilessly taunts me. "What's your plan now? Kinda in trouble aren't ya?"

    I need new friends.

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    i saw or read somewhere, cant remember, about how you can stuck/sew/loop your car keys onto a toweling wristband - you have somewhere to hold the keys while getting in and out, and its light and flexible enough to shove in a bag or pocket. easy to put on too...

    i dont drive, but if i did i can picture getting caught out like that... even though i can transfer without using brakes, id still flip it over or something. i once did that in an airport toilet - got out, chair flipped back (heavy bag on the back), rolled out of reach. nightmare. i have anti-tippers now.

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    Had it happen a time or two, I try to always remember to put my keys just inside the door as soon as I open it. I've had to skoot my ass across a parking lot more then once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasWheelz View Post
    I've had to skoot my ass across a parking lot more then once.
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    When I was 17 and first driving on my own yes .. especially when I parked at high school .. but thankfully purses come in handy and I'm known to throw mine in so hard it hits the passenger door. Lesson learned.

    I love my lanyard for my key set ... just hang'em around your neck.

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