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    I've made a thread or two on here talking about how to move to another state and keep my medicaid/medicare caregivers. Well I went to Cali last week and was verbally offered a job with a very good company. Now what do I do? I want to move from here but need caregivers. If they have health insurance does that cover caregivers? Is the government sympathetic to these situations? Any guidance would help. But what I really don't want to hear is "it can't be done" thats giving up before the fight.
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    About a month and a half ago I moved from Wyoming to Los Angeles in order to attend graduate school at USC. I had only heard nightmares about Medi-Cal, and spoke to many people trying to find out how to get on the program to hire and fire my own caregivers. Didn't seem like it was much of a possibility in a quick timeframe. I think they mentioned it would take at least a year, and that's if the California government doesn't nix the program beforehand which is always a possibility. I was fortunate that Wyoming Medicaid allowed me to stay on their program while I continue to be in school. Works out great for me, just have too Skype with my caseworker once a month and meet face-to-face twice a year. I hire students to work for me and it typically works out quite well. Not sure if any of this pertains to your situation, but I would suggest searching around and speak to a lot of different people. It's not a question of if it can happen, but how. Be advised though that it is a lot of work sometimes... good luck!
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