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Thread: Need urologist surgeon for mitrofanoff

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    Need urologist surgeon for mitrofanoff

    I live in northern western Michigan. I haven't been able to find a urologist with much experience in mitrofanoff surgery I also tried University of Michigan. Since I have to travel, I was wondering what is the best hospital in US for this type of procedure. I was also considering a colostomy, can these two operations be performed at the same time, since both will probably entail cutting out my bowel.

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    Yes, they can be done at the same time, but you would need a surgical team made up of both a GI surgeon and a urologic surgeon to do that.

    Call your closest children's hospital and ask to speak to someone in the pediatric urology department. Often this is where you find the surgeons who are experienced in this procedure. You can also check with your local spina bifida association staff. This procedure has been used much longer in kids with spina bifida than with adults with SCI. You may need to travel someplace to have this done...Ann Arbor, Minneapolis, Rochester (MN) or even Chicago.


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