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Thread: Using your handbike from your living room?

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    Using your handbike from your living room?

    I bought a handbike but living in CT gives you only few months to bike and buying new cycling device can be expensive. I wonder if is someone is using a handbike from the " living room" putting the handbike on some " stander" or on something that i dont know the word for and if you do where did you buy it and what is it called?
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    Yes, you can put your handcycle on a "trainer" in your living room. Mine is on a trainer in the garage. So you can benefit from the handcycle year round.

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    perfect thank u
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    I have a XLT Gold mounted on a 1Up trainer during the winter. You have to remove the front leg supports from the bike to mount the trainer but it's not really a problem since you're not actually moving.

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    Hey Dianka - here's my setup:

    I took the back end off the bike to save space, but then had to build a stand for the back out of wood. I use a Knetic Fluid trainer and a fan to keep me cool.
    It's pretty easy. Good luck.

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    That's cool. I want to make that. Thank you for posting the picture.

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    There are also "roller trainers" that look like a couple of rolling pins. I haven't used one myself, but looks like it would work ok and you don't have to take the leg rests off.
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