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Thread: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

    Hi Everyone,

    Thought I would share my experience with their pain clinic, if anyone is in Chicago and would like to check this place out.

    If anyone read my last post, my doctor refused to prescribe anymore pain meds for me (he only did it for maybe a month anyway). So I was very wary of this place.
    I could barley walk due to the pain when I got there, was not working anymore etc. I am at work today! And yesterday was my 1st almost pain free day since May of this year, I even slept for 8 hours!

    I was prescribed appropriate meds, morphine ER and 3 immediate morphine for breakthrough pain. The doctor even called my old doc right in front of me and told him that "for future reference" this is an extremely painful condition (tethered cord) and my medication was not appropriate. She got a full print out of my meds and was appalled at the fact he was giving me 2 week scripts, which were just 3 15Mg morphine. Also, appalled by the push for injections and physical therapy, since this would hurt me even more.
    I also met with their shrink, who was wonderful.
    Overall I think I finally have a plan now for medication management, and down the line after surgery for physical therapy and meds as needed.
    They made me feel like someone has finally understood my condition and was compassionate.

    I would recommend them if you are having issues with your pain management physician.

    All my best to everyone

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    That sounds great and I am happy to read your post of your experience there. Back to work and 8 hrs of sleep. Will the Chicago people follow you or will your local MD be managing you and the meds?

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    I live in Chicago, so yes.
    I will be staying with them now, and after surgery (that is yet to be scheduled)

    I am happy too! Finally a glimpse of a "normal" life after 2 1/2 years of hell

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    can you post their website or phone number maybe they can help my husband who is is sci c4 incomplete with severe pains everywhere. WE live in California and would travel anywhere to help him with his pain. thank you

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