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Thread: injured 4 months ago...sux but stayin positive!

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    injured 4 months ago...sux but stayin positive!

    so i was at my bachelorette party on may 23rd 2010 4 weeks before my wedding when my best friend jokingly pushed me in the pool. i went head first becoming a c6 quad. shes having a hard time but i was never angry with her.

    my battle has begun

    i want so badly to be independent, to look the way i used to, and to party like i used to.
    my insurance has only allowed 20 outpatient visits for therapy. i should qualify for medicaid but i want to get married soo badly to the man of my dreams who has stuck by my side.his high teachers salary (sarcasm) will unqualify me.

    i have kept a good attitude and even joined quad rugby. want to handcycle soooo badly and play tennis!

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    Hi there, that sounds like a real rough time but its good you're staying positive. It's also good you've started playing rugby already, keeping active like that is always good, I am just in my second season of sit-skiing and its awesome! having a fun sport to compete in keeps me busy and continues to challenge me. Hope you stick with rugby or tennis and hope you enjoy it, have a good one.


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    Hi and welcome. I'm new around here also. Been hurt a little over a year. Sounds like you are doing great keep it up and keep active.


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    Hello! It sounds like you are doing great.
    Good that you have no hard feelings to your friend, some people would.
    I can imagine she feels at fault even if it was an accident.
    A friend was there when my husband fell from a tree nearly 2 years ago and she still somehow feels at fault just for being there. He is a C3.

    This is a great place for info. I have read a lot of old threads on care and have learned so much that even the doc has not been able to answer.

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    Hello, and welcome. So sorry to hear about your accident, and hope things work out well for you on all fronts. Keep writing to us!

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    Hello there. Sounds like you are looking at things in a good way. Keep positive and keep active. This is a great place for information. Welcome.


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    Sorry to have to find us here, but it is a good place to get info or just went.
    Glad that you are making plans, and that you have a positive attitude. Don't look @ the past too much, sometimes it may not be very helpful in moving forward.

    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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    Welcome. Are you already out of rehab?

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    Since the OP says she was injured in May, and the average length of stay in inpatient rehab now days for someone with a tetraplegic injury is only 5 weeks, I would have to assume she has already had any inpatient rehab she will be getting and is now an outpatient.

    ECU, not sure if this is consistent with your values, but have you considered, at least for now, living together with your fiance or having a religious-only wedding so that you can still qualify for Medicaid and then later marrying legally when you can get covered under your husband's group health insurance? While teachers don't make a lot of money, they usually have pretty good health insurance, and group plans often have no pre-existing condition clause. It would be worth having him check with his union (if he belongs to a union) or HR department.


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