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    I have unfortunately now inherited one of my grandad's air rifles.. It's an old 'Titan Manitou,' a .177 PCP Air rifle. (Titan are now Falcon apparently). Anyway he always thought it was under the 12ftlb uk limit but after shooting a few shots suspected it was more, bought a chrono and found it to be 15.5ftlb! Unlicensed firearm, crap! So i tore it down and tried adjusting it with no success, seems it either needs a softer hammer spring or needs the hammer lightening, which I can't be bothered with. Instead of handing it in at the police station I've left the firing mechanism out of it and locked away in dad's shotgun cabinet. Chances are it would never be tested but penalties are REALLY steep if you do get caught. A big fine and/or 5 years in prison! So now I'm going through the process of getting a Fire arms certificate. Fun!

    A friend of mine works on a farm with a major pigeon and rat problem so this will be just the ticket when it's legal. Hopefully won't be too long.
    post a pic of that badboy

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    Thanks guys. Yeah wish I could of videod the drag out. By the time I got ot the truck my chair was nearly dead. prorbaly wasnt the smartest thing I have done in a while but I really wanted to get it back to the truck myself. It felt pretty good.

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    Opening Day in East Tn. was a big success! 24lbs. 11" beard and 1 1/4" spurs. After the hunt, we checked a trail cam that was just a few yards from our decoys and got a nice surprise. We got a couple great shots of the bird making his final strut around my DSD jake decoy just seconds before I sent him to gobbler heaven. Couldn't haave asked for a better hunt. Thanks for looking guys/gals.

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    Can sure see you guys are having fun. Great looking bird!!!
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    Awesome thunder chicken Iso, and some great pics. Too bad the cam didn't get the kill shot! We still have two more weeks before it comes in here in Virginia. Next Sat is youth day so I'm taking my nephew out.
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    Great pictures thanks for sharing. Wonderful bird!!!
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    I didn't read though all the posts, are there any mule deer or elk hunters on here? I live in. SW Colorado and we hunt deer, mostly. Usually I go with my husband and he hunts, we go horseback. Just does. I think it's hard to hunt here because there's a lot of brush, not many people here use blinds though. A few years ago I decide to get a tag and got one, I have shot two does now. They sure are yummy

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    Nice bird! Congrats!
    We leave on the 6th, David got a tag for an area thats 2 1/2 hrs from here. Hunt the 8th-12th.

    Deadeye, our NWTF banquet was last weekend, I won the 20ga Mossberg and our son in law won the shotgun of the year.

    Sarafino- thats on my husbands "want to do" list. Elk hunt. We were in Wyoming last year on an antelope hunt and then went to CO to visit his cousin. Beautiful country.

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    I think elk hunting is really hard, but we go out on horseback and have never tried calls. I can do a pretty good cow call, though, worked well enough that my husband had time to dismount and shoot. It's very brushy here and it's hard to spot game from a distance, plus the elk seem spookier than deer. They seem to be smarter too. I probably think this way because most of the time we don't get an elk

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    Can sure see you guys are having fun. Great looking bird!!!
    Thanks! It was a blast!

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