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Thread: So Who All Hunt??

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    Thanks Patton. One more buck tag left so heading back out today and tomorrow. Anytime you want to give hunting a swing, let me know and we'll hook you up. You need to hook up with me in May for our Outdoor Day to get in some fishing and shooting. Get your feet wet!

    Since this site has gone straight to S#!+, and most of my friends visit this thread, I'll use it to say Merry Christmas to my CC friends.

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    Unless I get a Christmas miracle, my season is over. I got to go once, a couple weeks ago, but only saw a few does too far away. I got stuck in the mud as well. I recently had to replace my gas tank and fuel pump, now the steering has gone out. I wasn't sure if I have enough money to get it fixed and pay for Christmas. Seriously thinking that hunting is not in my cards. Murphy's law has hit me every time I venture out. :(
    Anyhow, good luck all and Merry Christmas, everyone.

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    Sorry you're having such a hard time getting out to Scott. I wish you were across the line in Virginia and we could hook you on some Wheelin' hunts.

    Merry Christmas to you too bud!

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    It would be nice if there were more flat, open areas near me... at least public land. We just had a really heavy rain last night, so the odds of me getting another try this season went down. I may give it one more try next year... we'll see. Needless to say, I'm bummed.

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    I am not into hunting animals, but I would like to get out on a range and try some target shooting again. When I was like 17 I shot once a week in a small bore club. .22 single shot Anshutz, I used to be good, shot a few 100s even. I miss it. Would LOVE to try a It would need to be bolted down though!.

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