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Thread: So Who All Hunt??

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    So Who All Hunt??

    where do you hunt and what do you hunt with and so on i am from mississippi i am c5/c6 i deer hunt with a 270 and hunt from a polaris ranger my dad made a thing that hooks on the frame of the door on the ranger to hold up my gun i have been hunting out of it since 2002 killed alot deer out of it would love to start back bow hunting but it takes alot money to hunt so lets hear yall hunting story

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    c5/6 hunt in va i hunt with muzzleloader rifle and bow and have killed deer with all 3 since my accident might not be big bucks but its meat in the freezer haha

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    I do...I'm just not so great at it.

    I'm t3/4 incomplete and I hunt with a WW2 Lee Enfield 303.

    I made a little video that shows the time me and my dad went hunting......good times

    This season I'm making more effort by feeding the deer and getting better with the hide etc....

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    Thanks! I'd love to bow hunt....but I just dont see getting that close to the deer......and hoping the deer are in my arc of firing. once I am in place I can swing just a few degrees left to right....

    Where in MS are you?

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    Tree stand breaking was my demise, C-4. Still want to hunt again someday. Right now I will live it through you guys. Thanks for the post dusty, and I loved the video! Will look forward to seeing the next one with a white tail in the back of the truck!

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    hope to have a pic next saturday peders its the opening day of bow season in va but most likely ill be comeing back empty handed haha

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    David got his deer archery permit this week, no go with the shotgun permit though. It will be his first year back out there. Looking forward to some venison.

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    yall are lucky mswife living where the big bucks roam

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    C-7 quad here. I hunt the world! anyone looking for info can go through my site. there's something there for everyone.

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