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Thread: Invacare FDX vs. Permobil C500

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    Invacare FDX vs. Permobil C500

    I'm looking at new chairs and am wondering if anyone has an Invacare FDX. I have a C500 now, but I am also looking at the FDX and am interested in how they compare. Any suggestions?

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    I got my FDX about a year ago. So far, almost all is good.

    It is not so good in rough terrain. I have been stuck a few times. Previously, I used an Invacare XT for about 22 years. In the 20 plus years in the XT, probably only got stuck a couple of times, and at least one of those times was due to ice.

    If you plan on considerable off-road /rough terrain, rearwheel drive is the way to go.

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    I've driven both. They are both good. I like the way the FDX climbs better.

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