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Thread: Is paraplegic can drive a car with manual transmission??

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    Wink Is paraplegic can drive a car with manual transmission??

    Right now, I'm thinking about there is a hope that a paraplegic can drive a manual transmission vehicle??

    I've read in many blog that many of them are paraplegic and they are really want to drive a manual transmission vehicle.. Maybe some of them are real racer that are "born to be a racer" i guess... So, is it possible to the that paraplegic to drive like they did before even though their leg can't be use any more to push a pedal??

    I also wonder that is there paraplegic can involve in drifting?? IMO don't because we are paraplegic we can't be involved in that sport to, there is nothing impossible in this world...

    Is there any equipment that can be use by paraplegic to be a drifter by handle the brake, clutch, and also accelerate pedal with their hand... I think it's not to difficult to handle it with power steering that most of vehicle nowadays have it..

    p/s: someday, i want to be a drifter...

    Nice drift, feel like going to hell with these ride....

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    Actually there's a bunch of people here (para) uses the manual tranmission, since manual transmission cars over here is cheaper than the automatic transmission...they arent my friends, but some acquaintance...

    but since i have the chance to driving em, i might be able to explain my experience (excuse my english.i'm not a native speaker...).

    The car that I test drive is Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8. The evolutions only have manual transmission, they dont have automatic or semi automatic.

    Their driving kit isn't something legal (by that i mean not approved by our safety commission.they built it themselves for their driving pleasure...)

    So to explain how is the driving kit, it is actually a motorcycle (moped) right-handle...exactly the same, with the exception that it has 2 lever ; the lower lever is brake, and the higher is clutch. all this was connected to each paddle by mere motorcycle brake cable, to each paddle.our country is the right-handed drive side, so the kit was welded at the right-lower side of the steering. the set that i drove looks pretty neat. sadly i dont even thought about taking picture, and this is why i have the whole comncept in my mind.

    so u drive it like motorcycle.u turn the throttle to accelerate, the lower lever (brake) is operated by the pinky and ring finger, and the clutch was operated using the index and middle finger (maybe because the logic that clutch is harder to pull)...u can always switch it according to your preference.

    i do need some time to get used to it, but driving a manual car again after 5 years (i was 21 at the time) was really cool.but i end up with a tiptronic transmission. (no, not automated manual or semi can drift too...pretty easy to engage even with the tiptronic transmission.gear is important, but what's most important to engage a drift it just throttle and brake...=/ )

    i think that's about all there is to explain.

    *now upgraded to SMG gearbox though...
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    There is a paraplegic drifter in professional D1, his name is Yoshi ?, here is a link.

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    If you can get pictures of controls of this type, I am sure a lot of people would appreciate it, I know I would.

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    In the UK the adaption to drive manuals has been out for over 20 years. I used to race an R32 Skyline with them, then upgrade to BMW M3's and a Porsche 911.

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    i use a bmw 3 series.why dont u just get the SMG? =/
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    This is probably totally useless information,

    But have you seen the BMW 320i touring car that was set up for Alex Zanardi a few years back?, it's not necessarily relevant here but it is interesting.

    But apart from that nia's M3 option is a good one, SMG might be the answer and you can get E46 M3's pretty cheap these days, especially if you are in GB or US. Plus all the benefits of this awesome luxury performance car for day to day use. I have a 323Ci coupe and I love it, it had switchable gear change without the use of a clutch, pretty tame but an M3 with SMG would be killer for drifting!

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    Wahwah is right.u can only get the gearbox from half-cut, re-conditioned. a new one is out of my league, but it is a good gearbox.flexible, and yet durable. something to be expected for a bmw...

    @wahwah : i have e36 318Ci with SMG.kinda heavenly ride for a para... actually i get the bmw only for the SMG gearbox. it was modded by previous owner...i'm glad i bought it...i want to buy another car, but none of other gearbox is as good as SMG.if only i can afford the e46...
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    With a manual transmission you would need a clutch lever as well as your usual accelerate/brake lever.

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    If you are in the states, there aren't any options YET. Guido Simplex will be starting to appear very soon. They offer several options to actuate the clutch.

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