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Thread: Spinal Cord Infarction 64yr Old Male: Prognosis??

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    Richard is right. The insurance company's only interest is to save money, not your dad's best interest. You need to talk to your dad's case manager and get them to push back on this. He needs acute rehab precisely because of his additional disabilities; they should not preclude him getting the therapy he needs in that setting if there is still a realistic goal of getting him home again. A nursing home will not provide him with the care or therapy he needs.

    You did not say whether or not he is a military veteran. If so, I would work at getting him moved to a VA SCI Center if possible. That would require a cord, not peripheral nerve injury.

    A EMG can only determine the degree of peripheral nerve damage, not cord damage which can still exist. It is very rare for peripheral nerve damage to show up is usually a more insideous and slow onset (except for acute problems such as Guillan-Barre Syndrome). An SSEP can determine if there is cord damage, although not the full extent.


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    Thanks again for the replies! Sci-Nurse- My dad is not a vet. Fortunately, his employer called the insurance company and told them to basically back off! We're so fortunate to be receiving this kind of support from his employer!

    An MRI was finally performed. Preliminary results indicated a herniated disk in the neck. The doctors have not said anything about an infarction. Could it be possible that the paralysis is a result of a herniated disc?? If so, would fixing the disc result in recovery? They are going to move my dad to the ICU as a precaution.

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