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Thread: Your State's Handicap Placard -- Help!

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    I'll try and scan mine (Indiana) tonight. One suggestion I'd like to make, some states, I think one of the Virginia's, are putting pictures on the placards. I wished all states would do this, it would cut down on user fraud, or at least make it easier to bust people.
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    Georgia is the same as California. Blue for Permanent and Red for (2 week) Temporary.
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    In NY, it's a blue placard with handicap symbol and they fill out two blank spaces after you give them (your town hall) a completed form with doctor's signature. The side of the placard is hole punched on the side scale of years, for temporary it's limited and for permanent you just get the max number of years (I think 2015?). One blank space is for the municipality, which is a bit creepy because people know where you live. The other I think is the expiration written in with a month/year. NYC is a mess, it's an entirely separate process which requires several doctors. I still haven't bothered enduring the process. You can still park in any parking lot with a state permit, just not spots on public streets.

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    If possible, we really need photos of your state's placard to ease the process of comparing them and reviewing the features that work best. Even a link to an existing image would be helpful. Thanks!
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