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Thread: Your State's Handicap Placard -- Help!

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    Your State's Handicap Placard -- Help!

    Hey, Everyone.

    I'm working with a committee planning to redesign handicap parking placards in Maine. We'd like to know how other states handle placard enforcement, expiration, and user identification. Can any of you post a photo or scan of a parking placard from your state? We'd like to see one from all 50 states.

    Florida is already done. Thank you!
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    I wish I could scan one from my state into the computer, but I can't figure out how yet with this new all-in-one I just bought.

    I'm from Oregon and we have two different kind of placards. One is the standard dark blue for all the temporary tags, and the other is a light blue for wheelchair users only that is renewed at the same time as the drivers' license every eight years.

    Check on each states DMV sites for info on how each state issues and the regulations regarding use of the hang tags. They might even show a picture of them.
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    What is your profile picture from? Looks like an SCI in progress....

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    CA Handicapped Placard Regulations and links to application forms.

    Images of the two California Hang Tags (Placards). The Blue one is permanent and the Red on is temporary.'

    All the best,

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    I don't have a placard in nc, i have the license plates handicap, but i've seen the placard cards
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    I forgot to mention my personal feeling about these "hang tags" that are supposed to be displayed by hanging them from the rear view mirror stem. I much prefer the old style placards that CA had about 10 years ago. The placard was to be placed on the top of the dash board. The hang tags are supposed to be removed from the rear view mirror when you are driving (that is understandable because they are a line of sight hazard when hanging from the mirror), then you have to find a place to put it when you are driving, and remember to hang it when you are parking. Seems like an unnecessary hassle. Once, while in a hospital parking lot, I got a warning note from the security patrol, because I placed the hang tag on top of the dash and didn't hang it from the mirror, huh. CA offers the handicapped license plate, but I don't always want to have my vehicle identified as carrying or potentially carrying a handicapped person.

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    Thanks, gjnl! That is exactly what we need. Come one CareCure--only 47states to go!

    Mark: It is Eddie Vedder, and you're right.
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    Bump! Help me out here, Carecure
    "I'm lost. I'm no guide, but I'm by your side." - Pearl Jam

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    I dont have a pic of the one from Oklahoma but there similar to the CA temporary look but mine is blue in color.
    To really make a difference have them make a sticker that can placed on the windshield in the lower corners. There out of view of driving line of sight and are not easily lost. Have them made of that soft plastic so they can be transferred to another vehicle if need be. If yours is temporary make it the hanging one.
    I dont really care to have my license posted with a stick figure of a person in a wheelchair either. Its just another reminder that I dont care for. A little blue sticker that can be removed would be nicer then the huge blue review reminder lol...

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    I'd be impressed if the parking permit was a skull and cross bones in a wheelchair, or hows about a representation of death with scythe on his lap sitting in a wheelchair.

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