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Thread: Adaptive Aquatics- Water skiing

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    Adaptive Aquatics- Water skiing

    I just wanted to say if you haven't had the opportunity and were considering water skiing, it is amazing! I am a T2 and attended a session at adaptive aquatics in wilsonville, AL and had a great time. They did a great job getting me in the water and teaching me how to get started. I thought I would have trouble since I am a t2 and don't have a lot of ab support but it wasn't difficult at all. Anyway, if you have the chance to try it out it was very easy and extremely fun! A few images below
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    Got any info on the equipment?

    I can't find info on where to buy a ski.

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    Go to and email joe ray he may have some used stuff for sale and he could point you in the right direction if you looking for new equip.

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    Don't buy any equipment if you havent already had a go.

    I go with Shepherd and they start you off on an easy board. then you progress to harder boards that are more sensitive and faster turning etc. If you buy a board you are going to be stuck with it - much better to use other people's.

    Plus you need helpers on a jet-ski......

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