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Thread: Going to Orlando & NYC – Tips

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    Going to Orlando & NYC – Tips

    Hi there, I´m from Brazil paraplegic planning, me and my wife, to take our 8 year old kid to Orlando next February.
    After 12 days in Orlando, we´ll go to NYC. We´re planning to rent an adapted car in Orlando but we´d like tips of how to go to places in NYC.
    Also, hotels in NYC seem to be extremely more expensive than in Orlando. More than $200 a night while we´re planning to pay $80 in Orlando.
    Any good and well situated hotel tip in NYC would be very welcome.
    Hope hearing from you soon

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    People cannot help?

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    I'm afraid I don't know much about hotels in New York City, since I'm a resident. I have heard good things about the Sofitel though.

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    is it necessary to stay in NYC, could you travel across the bridge into NJ I'm sure its much more reasonable there.

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    We stayed at the New York Palace on Madison Avenue. Excellent location, but we paid about 250 $ a night. Many hotels have handicap rooms, so I think you should just choose the hotel you like (e.g. from expedia) and check with the hotel if they have handicap rooms - just always ask if such rooms have roll-in shower or bathtub if you can't use them both. For transports in NY, we always used the buses, which are all equipped with a kneeler and have a reduced rate for disabled. There is almost no way to use the subway since there are very few accessible stations (connections are almost impossible).

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    Trip to NYC

    You can find rooms for under $200 if you can stay at a micro or 'pod' hotel, where the room sizes are small. I'm not sure what's required by law for accessible rooms or what sort of w/c you're bringing. I used to travel with an electric scooter, but that became a hassle with security, so now when visiting big cities, I take a folding manual chair and a family member pushes my chair for anything more than short distances. Several years ago we stayed in midtown Manhattan, near the theatre district at this Holiday Inn Express:

    It was a great location, even though our room was compact, like a ship's cabin.

    Here are some other budget hotel ideas, you could email these places and ask about accessible rooms. Try to choose a location near the majority of places you want to see, otherwise you'll have to spend extra time waiting for accessible taxis. My kids enjoyed the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Natural History, walking around in midtown, and going to see a Broadway musical during our visit there.

    NYC Pod hotels:

    New York magazine Best Budget Hotels:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, hope you'll all have a great time
    and good weather.

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    I just got back from NYC. I grew up close by and used to go all the time, but this was my first time back in the chair.

    Nothing on NYC is cheap. As far as hotels go it depends on what is going on in the city (the rates will vary), but it is expensive and the accessible rooms are more expensive because of their size. Staying in Jersey is a good idea and take the train in to the city to save money. Warning: Not all the stations are accessible, so be sure where you are going before you hop on. The city is pretty easy to get around though and the people are helpful. So just ask and you will get where you want to go.

    We stay in the Courtyard Marriott near Time Square. I would recommend it, but it was not cheap.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Agree. The subways are iffy. Since you want to probably do touristy things, stay close to Times Square area.
    There are curb cuts everywhere and most people were really friendly when we went up for Thanksgiving last year.

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    If you haven't already confirmed a place in Orlando, check out our condo. See the following thread:

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    Hey guys. I already made reservation at New York Helmsley hotel for U$ 165/night an accessible room. And Solorider, thanks but already booked Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista in Orlando for $ 65/night.
    Can you just tell me if this Helmsley Hotel em NY is weel located?

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