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Thread: Quadriplegic c5-c6 plays shooter

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    Yeah it's not to difficult playing FPS games on the pc. I started playing a few months after my accident. I use a trackball mouse with my left hand and hit the keys with my knuckles on my right. Now only if I could figure out a way to play FPS games on the PS3.

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    What about the new PS3 Move? It might work for you.

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    get a kensington trackball,, mice suck 4 quads

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    as a quad myself I like the kenisington trackball
    soon I will look into getting a rifle thing for playing games and stuff

    My fingers do not work good but I am experimenting with different ideas as we speak

    Have a good weekend
    sincerely ;

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    I used to have a mouse for a Mac that didn't have any buttons, all you had to do was push down on the end of it. Things are much quicker when I had that. There was no right mouse click but I could use the trackball set aside for that. All I had to do when moving the mouse around was twist my wrist a little and it would click. Since then, I've found to sticky mouse button option in Windows so I haven't needed it. If you can find one of those, your on a roll.
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    You get used to the standard controllers. i play fps and tiger woods golf and kick ass on both. just got to figure it out. rep
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    I used to play fps games for a log time, I've made this video:
    I C4 incomplete, no hands, pulse and fingers movement

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