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Thread: Question for Dr. Wise Young

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    Question for Dr. Wise Young

    Dr. Young,
    Thank you for your response to my post i trully appreciate having a forum where a person in my position is able to communicate with you.

    My next question to you is can you recomend a doctor to me either in the NYC or NJ area who i can go see and have him evaluate my case and eventually get under his care.

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    Milt, you need to have an experienced doctor who can take care of your spinal cord injury problems. There are of course many good and experienced doctors in the area but there are few who are really up on the research or who deliver experimental therapies. Also, one doctor may be great for somebody and terrible for another. Much depends on what you expect the doctor to do for you. Wise.

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    You might want consider Kessler rehabilitation. As a quadriplegic myself, I've been going there for the last 10 years. They have excellent physicians and can handle almost any problem that you might have. also, this is the hospital that Christopher Reeves did his rehab. They are in West Orange New Jersey.973-731-3600

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