Hey Dave, welcome to the club that nobody wants to join.

Over time, it seems to matter less and less to me. I have a darn good life. Have done crazy stuff that I woulda never imagined the day after (or the year after) I got injured. It only limits you from doing what you want if you let it. HOW you do it, is where SCI requires an endless supply of creativity and willingness to fall flat and try again lol.

IDK much about therapies these days. I was hurt 12 years ago before when there wasn't much going on in terms of recovery.

But I do know a lot about having fun - go monoski, man! It's by far my favorite activity. In those sad moments when there's no snow on the ground (lol) kayak, innertube, scuba, or surf. Or join a team. WC Lacrosse is the big new thing out here on the West Coast and its super-fun! Or get an ATV and blast through the forest and over the dunes. Or go to the adaptive race driving school. Or travel. Or whatever ... basically, pursue your interests as though you didn't sit for a living.