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Thread: New guy, couple questions

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    Wheelie, you sound like a champ all the things you do! There are some local basketball teams...that was the one sport I was horrible at before being in a chair and never cared to play . Ive done some of the others you mentioned, kids keep me busy too. They don't stop saying "lets do this, play this with me, come on dad lets go here". So far most of the organized adaptive sports I've seen are in Grand Rapids where I did my rehab (Mary Freebed Hospital). Its not too far from home, a little further than Sterling Heights.

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    hi dave im in Michigan too, Grand Rapids. L4/L5 spina bifida/sci. Glade to hear your doing good. if you want anyone local to talk to or hang out with hit me up.

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    Hi dave. welcome, sorry you had to find this place but glad you did.

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    Hi Dave,
    One other adaptive sport that no one has mentioned is rowing (sculling). I'm T3/4 complete, and I find rowing and handcycling to be the most enjoyable adaptive sports I've tried.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    Granted, it'll have to wait until warmer weather, but there's always kyaking.

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    mono-skiing and handcycling are the only way to go for a Para. Check out have done it the past 5 years in a row.

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    Welcome Dave! Sure wish my Sarah was not afraid of all of these activites and sports mentioned. The thought of her "falling" out of her chair still freaks her out!

    You have a great attitude!

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    Hi, Dave, you're sexy!

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    Hello and welcome, Dave.

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    Hi Dave and welcome. You're fortunate in having family and friends, if unfortunate in your accident.

    A cure is on all our minds, but despite things appearing on the net about treatment/cure centres, I have not seen any messages from anyone saying "Hooray, I'm cured" or even seriously improved.

    The situation is that at present, only folks with money are able to try these things out. Treatment for all, via the health service, should be the aim; this will not probably come about until the service can sign up to a program of treatment.

    I've said before, that any government that does sign up, will in the end be megabucks better off, as long term care of the disabled is a heavy financial burden.

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