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    Does anyone else have a hard time maintaining or gaining weight?
    I've never been a heavy guy but after my accident I've lost weight.
    At first I thought it was because of lack of movement and exercise but a year later and I haven't gained shit back

    I eat 3 solid meals with snacks and eating every couple of hours.
    I exercise (bike and weight lift) but nothing works!

    I checked my albumin levels and they were fine

    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    smoke some weed

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    Quote Originally Posted by mv740 View Post
    smoke some weed

    you should do stand up comedy!

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    Hi Jerkins,
    ;-) You aren't likely to be the most popular guy on the forum with an "I can't gain weight" problem (Just teasing) ;-) Most spinal cord injured struggle with too much weight.
    I too am thin, some say too thin, but I eat good food in moderation, I drink wine and an occasional beer, and while I don't overdose on it, I like my bowl of ice cream. I was thin before my injury, 28 years ago and I remain so today. In your case, at your age, I would say you may still have a "growing boy's" metabolism. Who knows you may always be thin, but then again, over time you might gain weight as your metabolism slows down. Are your parents and grandparents thin people? You may just be genetically prone to being a thin body type. All in all, I guess I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to gain weight. But since you are concerned, you can always try supplementing your regular meals with protein drinks, nutrition drinks (like Boost), and energy bars that add calories to your normal daily intake.

    All the best,

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    Consider getting your thyroid and testosterone tested.

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    thyroid and test. lvls are in check..
    no weed sry. i used to be a pot head but no more! get my life in track

    thx guys!
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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